Sustainable growth policy

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Our values

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Our Business Principles

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Our working methods

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Our vision is to create world-class solutions in the field of sustainable energy, and we want to combine strong sustainable development with good profitability. This is a condition for ensuring the company’s value growth and, at the same time, long-term development.


The mission of our company is to provide our customers with technologically advanced products and heating solutions such as: NIBE heat pumps, heat exchangers, PELLUX pellet boilers, solar collectors and photovoltaic panels. The company’s operations are based on the extensive experience of the NIBE Group in the areas of design, manufacture and sales of products. Our company supports the idea of ​​sustainable development. The company’s activity is guided by a set of principles on the basis of which we build our long-term market  success by combining profitability with responsibility.

We call these:

“Our business principles”

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Respect for human rights

At NIBE we treat all employees fairly, worthily and with respect.
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Reduced environmental impact

We consider the environment at every stage of our value chain
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Good business ethics

Our business relationships and business methods are based on compliance with legislation and the application of good business ethics. We require honesty and integrity in all parts of our operations and expect the same from our business partners.
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Product liability

A product's function, quality, safety and environmental characteristics are the most important characteristics for the Group's continued development. We strive to make our products contribute to sustainable development when they are used by the customer Energy efficiency, eco-design and lifecycle thinking are important keywords for us.
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Responsible purchasing

We make responsible purchases and place requirements on our suppliers. We regularly follow up supplier performance. This may mean requests for improvement or termination of a collaboration.
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Proactive product development

Proactive product development is a condition for continued good organic growth and breaking into new markets We focus on energy efficient and environmentally adapted products that contribute to reduced climate impact and sustainable development.
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