Our offer includes expanding a set of products, distinguished by high quality of workmanship. The use of appropriately selected materials guarantees their high durability and trouble-free operation. However, because in some periods these products will be heavily exploited, some elements may deteriorate over time. When this happens, it is necessary to exchange them. There are also situations in which it is worth installing an additional heating element in the system for increased performance. All necessary elements can be found in our range of accessories, including protective anodes, electric heating modules and flange covers with sleeve.

Protective Anodes

To prevent corrosion of c.w.u. tanks , protective anodes are used. The standard ones usually contain magnesium, which reacts with the compounds contained in the water and neutralises them. Over time, this causes wear of the anode and it must be replaced. Our offer, in addition to magnesium anodes in standard and chain versions, also features titanium anodes, which are more expensive, but also much more vital (they can often be used for several years).

Electric heating modules and covers

The currently available tank models are usually equipped with an electric heater. It constitutes an alternative source of heat that is activated when the main heating device has stopped working or does not provide adequate heat. In some tanks, electric heating modules are additionally used to support the operation of the heaters and increase their efficiency. To install them on the tank, flange covers with sleeve are used. Typically, the modules are placed in this way in the inspection holes.

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