Buffer and multivalent tanks

Currently, more people are willing to use not one, but often several heat sources to heat water and their flat. The use of this type of solution comes with many advantages. First of all, it minimises the risk of a situation where the house is left without heating – which may happen if the only heat supply device is damaged. Savings are also a great advantage. The use of a traditional heating device in combination with equipment using renewable energy sources can significantly reduce expenses. However, in order for this kind of combined installation to work properly, buffer tanks will be necessary.

The advantages of using a buffer tank

Buffer tank ensures high efficiency of heating systems containing more than one heat source. This is due to the fact that the system accumulates excess heat and releases it when it is necessary. This eliminates the risk of wasting energy, as well as the need to reheat the stove, turn on the heat pump, or light up in the fireplace. Tanks of this type also provide great convenience for using hot water – even in the event of high consumption (e.g. in the morning or in the evening), there is no need to worry that it will run out.

A wide range of buffer tanks

We offer various types of buffer tanks- from basic to models equipped with additional elements such as … Dispersion valve responsible for proper distribution of water in the system, which prevents excessive cooling. We also provide customers with BIAWAR MULTISPLIT SYSTEMS, which allow not only to heat the water and the apartment, but also to cool the room. You can use these functions jointly and separately depending on the needs.

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