When faced with the choice of the design of your dream home, you rarely think about how to heat it. What if you decide on a heat pump in advance? The plot does not need to be equipped with gas or you do not need to dedicated a separate room for an oil boiler room or to place a propane-butane tank in the garden. The house does not have to have a chimney. The room where the heat pump is installed can also be used for other purposes, e.g. as a laundry or dryer. No combustion process and therefore safe and environmentally friendly. The above advantages should be complemented by one more and the most important one – very cheap heating. Although the investment costs of a heat pump system are terrifying, the subsequent heating costs are pleasantly surprising.



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Ground heat pump

NNIBE ground heat pumps allow energy consumption to be reduced for heating and preparation of hot water by up to 80% compared to traditional heating systems. In addition, NIBE heat pumps are the most environmentally friendly and ecological heating devices that reduce CO2 emission. Geothermal heat is solar energy accumulated in the ground, groundwater and surface water reservoirs. The heating system based on the NIBE ground heat pump provides building heating and domestic hot water as well as a cooling function in summer.
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Air heat pump

Air heat pumps use external air to heat and cool the building in summer. Even at low temperatures, the air contains heat that can be taken up by an NIBE air-to-water heat pump and then used to heat your house and produce domestic hot water. Air-to-water heat pumps use external air as a heat source, so there is no need for a lower source in the form of vertical probes or ground collector, and heat production is possible even when the outside temperature drops to -25oC. Air heat pumps are an excellent alternative when you want to reduce the costs of heating a house powered by other conventional heat sources such as oil or gas boilers.
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Ventilation heat pump

Heat losses from walls, windows and doors in newly built houses have been significantly reduced, which undoubtedly affects heating costs and comfort of use, which largely depends on proper ventilation of rooms. The use of a traditional ventilation system in new energy-efficient buildings is often insufficient to ensure the required amount of air exchange, and in addition, causes irreversible loss of even 50% of heat. The use of NIBE heat pumps for ventilation air ensures not only ventilation with energy recovery, a healthy and comfortable form of heating, but also significant energy savings, which contributes to the reduction of CO2 emission. The heating system based on the NIBE ventilation heat pump is a unique solution on the market, providing heating, ventilation and production of domestic hot water in one unit (3-in-1) and works perfectly in energy-efficient and passive buildings.
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The role of mechanical ventilation is to supply an optimal amount of fresh air to the building and to remove polluted air. Unlike natural ventilation, mechanical ventilation is characterised by the possibility to regulate the amount of air supplied to the building. The central part of the mechanical ventilation system with heat recovery (recuperation) is the recuperator, i.e. a device used to generate movement in the ventilation system. In the recuperator, energy is exchanged between the supply and extract air streams, which reduces heating costs and significantly improves air quality.

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Tanks for heat pumps

We propose a series of NIBE domestic hot water tanks suitable for working with heat pumps, boilers, solar systems and other heat sources. UKV series NIBE buffer tanks are designed to work with heat pumps, heating boilers and other sources of heat energy, while the UKV COOL tanks are used in installations for the production of ice water. NIBE BA-ST and VPB/VPBS coil tanks are designed for heating and storing of domestic water, primarily in cooperation with heat pumps. NIBE VPA/VPAS double-wall tanks consist of an internal hot water cylinder and an external tank in which the heating medium of domestic hot water is located. Buffer tanks with one NIBE UKVS coil are used to store the heating medium and are ideal for combined central heating systems with several heat sources, e.g. heat pumps and fireplaces with a water jacket. The NIBE BA-WH multivalent tanks are a combination of a buffer tank with an integrated domestic hot water tank, and thanks to many connection ports they offer almost unlimited possibilities even in the most complex central heating systems.

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For nearly 50 years, NIBE-BIAWAR Sp. z o.o. has been providing comfortable use of hot water to millions of people in Poland and abroad. Since 2000, the main shareholder of the Company has been the Swedish concern NIBE AB – one of the largest producers of heat pumps in Europe. NIBE heat pumps joined the broad range of NIBE-BIAWAR in 2002. Shortly afterwards, NIBE-BIAWAR became the leader in the sale of heat pumps in Poland and maintains this position to this day!

Why are NIBE heat pumps among the most frequently chosen devices among other brands available in Poland? First of all, because NIBE does not talk about a 75% reduction in energy consumption anymore, but about 80% savings that can be achieved by installing the latest generation of NIBE heat pump. The achievement and maintenance of the leader position is undoubtedly influenced by a wide range of devices and accessories of increasingly higher efficiency and quality, as well as comprehensive service and technical support in the selection of devices for individual customer needs, an extensive network of authorised installers and a stable service base.


NIBE-BIAWAR is a supporting member of the Polish Organisation for the Development of Heat Pump Technology (PORT PC). The main objectives of the activities carried out by PORT PC are:

    • increasing the quality of heat pump installations
    • dissemination of knowledge about heat pumps
    • creation of conditions for a fast and harmonious development of the heat pump market in Poland


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