Capacitive electric water heaters

Storage tank water heaters will be a great solution for households inhabited by several people. Thanks to this, the whole family will be able to enjoy access to hot water anytime and in any situation. The heaters are usually assembled over or under the sink. Assembly directly at the water supply point reduces heat losses related to hot water transmission, and polystyrene insulation protects the stored water against rapid cooling.

First of all, attention should be paid to the size of the tank. Its capacity should be adapted to the needs of users. The rule is simple in this case – the higher the consumption and the larger the family, the larger the tank. Another issue that should be taken into account when deciding on storage tank heating is insulation. Make sure it is made of materials that will maintain temperature for a longer time. It is also necessary to take into account the power of the device – if it is too small in relation to the needs, the device may not fulfill its functions properly.

Pressure and pressureless storage heaters

Our offer features pressure and pressureless storage heaters (another name for storage tank systems). These first heaters will be a great solution for systems with several water supply points. They work well especially in large homes with several bathrooms and toilets. Due to the fact that they are adapted to work with single-point systems, presureless heaters comes in much smaller sizes. They can be easily used in smaller flats, summer houses or bathrooms, catering and service outlets.

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