Vertical storage tanks

Our offer, apart from horizontal versions, also includes vertical C.W.U. tanks. We offer devices with different capacities in a wide price range. Available models differ in shape and finish. All, however, have been designed in such a way as to ensure an adequate level of thermal insulation. In individual models, it was made using various types of polystyrene or polyurethane foam. This positively affects the level of heat accumulation in the storage tanks. In order to protect against corrosion, each of them was additionally covered with ceramic enamel and equipped with a protective magnesium anode

What are the advantages of choosing vertical tanks?

Depending on the model, the vertical tanks can work with different heating systems. Some models have been designed to operate with a specific type of system. Others can be connected to both boilers and heat pumps. Our offer also includes tanks adapted to function together with two heat sources, e.g. a boiler and a system composed of solar collectors. This results in the ability to easily find a system tailored to individual needs.

C.W.U. tanks are available in standing or hanging versions, which in combination with their various sizes and shapes (constructions on a circle or square cross-section), offer great possibilities in terms of their fitting into the available space. What is more, in some models you can easily remove the housing and insulating layer without the risk of damage. This makes it much easier to transport and then bring heater This is particularly important especially when moving large capacity tanks. It will also prove useful in the case of a need to bring a standard boiler to an object with narrow passages and door openings.

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