Solar systems

The increase in ecological awareness means that devices that use renewable energy sources are increasingly in demand. This can be noticed not only with the results of the sale of solar collectors. To verify this, just look around at roofs and check the number of houses on which they are placed. However, care for the natural environment is not the only reason why customers are increasingly willing to buy collectors. This is also influenced by economic factors. Installing solar panels allows you to enjoy almost free hot water. The same motivations also affect the increased interest in heat pumps.

Which solar collectors should you choose?

The decision to buy solar collectors should be considered carefully. There are many models available from various manufacturers on the market. The best choice are systems of well-known and respected brands that guarantee long-term trouble-free operation. Currently, customers can opt for flat or vacuum collectors. The highly selective absorption coating used in Hevelius ALS flat collectors, covered with tempered prismatic glass, allows for the absorption of more solar energy, and eliminates heat loss to the environment. Hevelius SCM vacuum collectors occupy less space on the roof, their construction makes them exposed to less thermal losses, which is why they will perform much better in autumn and winter. SCM collectors have very high optical efficiency, which is able to compete with their flat counterparts during warm months.

Solar collectors available in the offer

Our offer includes solar collectors: Haxius Wunder ALS and vacuum Hevelius SCM. They provide extraordinary quality of operation, as evidenced by the awarding of Solar Keymark certificates – a recognised international document confirming that a given collector meets European quality standards. The assortment includes solar sets manufactured by Nibe-Biawar, composed of collectors, Mega Solar vertical storage tanks with two coils and accessories necessary for trouble-free assembly. They are perfect for homes inhabited by 2 – 6 people.

A characteristic feature of HEVELIUS SCM collectors is the use of Heat-Pipe technology. ... > Więcej
HEVELIUS WUNDER collectors belong to the new generation of flat collectors. ... > Więcej
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