Capacitive electric water heaters


VIKING series pressure heaters are devices that can supply hot water to several intake points. The tank is protected against the corrosion by high-quality ceramic enamel and magnesium anode

  • available capacities: 30, 55, 80, 100, 120 i 150 liters
  • casing made of steel and plastic
  • possibility of installation in a vertical and horizontal position
  • enamelled tank
  • heating elements with a power of 1.5 or 2,0 kW
  • regulation of the temperature in the range of 30-80oC
  • thermal off-switch that protects the device from overheating
  • anti-freezing system (minimal water temperature +7oC)
  • safety valve included
  • lamp signalizing work of the device
  • the best thermal insulation parameters

General information

Viking electric water heaters with a tank are a universal line of products that can work in a vertical and horizontal position. Modern design (cross-section profile of the casing in a shape of polygonal) is an expression of the highest quality. They are available in capacities from 30 up to 150 litres. 7-year warranty on the enamelled tank.

VIKING – E 3030
VIKING – E 5555
VIKING – E 8080
VIKING – E 100100
VIKING – E 120120
VIKING – E 150150
Viking hanger (for the horizontal montage)


Viking series heaters are pressure devices that can supply hot water to several intake points. Their construction allows for montage in a vertical and horizontal position (horizontal montage requires additional accessory – a hanger). The steel tank is protected against the corrosion by ceramic enamel and magnesium anode. The insulation is made of CFC-free polyurethane foam.

A wide range of capacities: 30, 55, 80, 100, 120 and 150 litres, allows for optimal dimensioning of a device depending on the demand for hot water. Models in range of 30-80 litres have electric heaters with a power of 1.5 kW, while models with a capacity between 100-150 litres are equipped with 2.0 kW heater. The device allows for the regulation of hot water temperature in the range from 30 ° C  up to 80 ° C. Viking is equipped with a safety valve in the standard. The warranty for an enamelled tank is 7 years.

Viking has the best parameters of daily electricity consumption for maintaining hot water in the tank.

Technical data

Energy efficiency class*BCCCCC
Water heating energy efficiency*%363738383839
Water intake profile*SMMMML
Storage capacity (V/V40)*l29/-59/8178,2/11199/164119,2/172147/213
Daily energy consumption*kWh2,3636,5626,2466,2786,23712,258
Annual energy consumption*kWh50614051351135713502661
Sound power level*dB151515151515
Nominal capacityl305580100120150
Rated voltageV230
Rated currentA6,58,7
Power of electric heaterkW1,5 2,0
Ingress Protection RatingIP24
Max. operating pressure of the tankbar6
Rated temperature°C80
Temperature setpoint range°C30-80
Heating time at Δ T= 30 °Cmin~42~78~112~105~128~160
Corrosion protectionceramic enamel + magnesium anode
Anode sizemmØ 21×125Ø 21×280Ø 21×280Ø 21×280Ø 21×435Ø 21×435
*According to European Commission Regulation (EU) 812/2013, 814/2013
V – Storage capacityV40 – mixed water at 40 ° C for load profiles: M, L, XL, XXL, 3XL, 4XL
** Under the condition of regular magnesium anode replacement (At least once every 18 months).


DIMENSIONSUNITE 30E 55E 80E 100E 120E 150
Water outlet dimension1[cal]1/2″ Gz
Water inlet dimension21/2″ Gz

viking wymiary


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ikona pobierz Instrukcja obsługi i montażu elektrycznych podgrzewaczy zbiornikowych VIKING2.37 MB1222ikonaikona do pobrania
ikona pobierz Deklaracja zgodności - elektryczne podgrzewacze wody ciśnieniowe262.53 KB128ikonaikona do pobrania
ikona pobierz Atest higieniczny - zbiorniki emaliowane OWE, ZE, WE, BUZ pojemności 5-1000 l117.17 KB130ikonaikona do pobrania
ikona pobierz Viking E-30 Etykieta energetyczna887.05 KB66ikonaikona do pobrania
ikona pobierz Viking E-30 Karta produktu616.87 KB220ikonaikona do pobrania
ikona pobierz Viking E-55 Etykieta energetyczna887.06 KB81ikonaikona do pobrania
ikona pobierz Viking E-55 Karta produktu617.22 KB260ikonaikona do pobrania
ikona pobierz Viking E-80 Etykieta energetyczna887.05 KB65ikonaikona do pobrania
ikona pobierz Viking E-80 Karta produktu617.31 KB204ikonaikona do pobrania
ikona pobierz Viking E-100 Etykieta energetyczna887.05 KB41ikonaikona do pobrania
ikona pobierz Viking E-100 Karta produktu617.47 KB132ikonaikona do pobrania
ikona pobierz Viking E-120 Etykieta energetyczna887.04 KB31ikonaikona do pobrania
ikona pobierz Viking E-120 Karta produktu617.46 KB108ikonaikona do pobrania
ikona pobierz Viking E-150 Etykieta energetyczna887.05 KB48ikonaikona do pobrania
ikona pobierz Viking E-150 Karta produktu617.09 KB238ikonaikona do pobrania

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