Magnesium anode is a simple solution to prevent corrosion in domestic hot water tanks.

  • Standard anodes
  • Chain anodes
  • Isolated anodes
  • Titanium anodes

General information

Anoda magnezowa

Anoda magnezowa to proste rozwiązanie zapobiegające korozji w pojemnościowych podgrzewaczach wody.

Product codeAnode typeAnode sizeScrewApplication
22174Standard magnesium anodesØ21 x 165¾”OW-E5/10/15/15.1, OW-E 30.1+/50.1+, OW-E 40.5 VIKING E 30, VIKING
SMART 60, Z-E 80.20/100.20/120.20, W-E 80.21/100.21/120.21
22173Standard magnesium anodesØ21 x 280¾”OW-E 50.1+/80.1+/100.1+, OW-E 60.5/80.5/100.5, VIKING E 60/100, VIKING SMART 80/100,
Z-E 140.20, W-E 80.24 PLUS, W-E 80.25 PLUS/100.25 PLUS, W-E 80.26 PLUS/100.26 PLUS
22172Standard magnesium anodesØ21 x 435¾”OW-E 120.1+, OW-E 120.5, VIKING E 120/E 150, VIKING SMART 120, OW-E
80.12 L/P/100.12 L/P, W-E 100.24 PLUS, W-E 120.25 PLUS, W-E 120.26
22171Standard magnesium anodesØ21 x 510¾”OW-E 120.12 L/P, W-E 120.24 PLUS, W-E 120.24S, W-E 140.24 PLUS,
W-E 140.24S, W-E 140.25 PLUS, W-E 140.26 PLUS, W-E 100.81
18618Standard magnesium anodesØ21 x 545¾”W-E 300.81/82 (stara wersja), W-E 400.81/82,
22170Standard magnesium anodesØ21 x 590¾”W-E 125.81
21822Standard magnesium anodesØ21 x 700¾”W-E 150.81, OW-E 100.7A, W-E 100.7A, W-E 100.74A
28897Standard magnesium anodesØ21×125¾”OW-E 5/10/15/15.1, OW-E 30.1+, VIKING E30
22179Standard magnesium anodesØ22 x 700 odizolowana¾”OW-E 100.7A, W-E 100.7A, W-E 100.74A
18625Standard magnesium anodesØ21 x 900¾”W-E 220.81, OW-E 150.7A, W-E 150.7A, W-E 150.74A
22180Standard magnesium anodesØ22 x 900 odizolowana3/4″OW-E 150.7A, W-E 150.7A W-E 150.74A
20924Standard magnesium anodesØ26 x 350 odizolowana1”BUZ 400/150.91 N, BUZ 500/200.91 N
20925Standard magnesium anodesØ26 x 650 odizolowana1”Z-E 220.80 N, Z-E 300.80 N, BUZ 500/300.90 N, BUZ 400/150.92
N, BUZ 500/200.92 N, BUZ 750/300.91 N, BUZ 1000/300.91 N
22611Standard magnesium anodesØ26 x 950 odizolowana1”BUZ 750/300.92 N, BUZ 1000/300.92 N
22612Standard magnesium anodesØ26 x 1100 odizolowana1”W-E 300.81 PC N
22884Standard magnesium anodesØ33 x 5001¼”OW-PC 270, OW-PC 270.1,
22607Standard magnesium anodesØ33 x 720 odizolowana1¼”Z-E 750.80 N, Z-E 1000.80 N, W-E 400.81 N, W-E 500.81 N, W-E 400.82 N
22610Standard magnesium anodesØ33 x 950 odizolowana1¼”W-E 500.82 N
22608Standard magnesium anodesØ33 x 1100 odizolowana1¼”W-E 750.81 N, W-E 1000.81 N, W-E400.81PC N
22609Standard magnesium anodesØ33 x 1250 odizolowana1¼”W-E 750.82 N, W-E 1000.82 N
18620Standard magnesium anodesØ33 x 425M8W-E 300.81/82 dolna (stara wersja)
18615Standard magnesium anodesØ33×300M8W-E 120.61 / W-E 150.61
18616Standard magnesium anodesØ33 x 520M8W-E 400.81/82 dolna (stara wersja)
22613Standard magnesium anodesØ33 x 500 odizolowana1¼”Z-E 400.80 N, Z-E 500.80 N /OW-PC 270 R / OW-PC 270.1 R / OW-PC
28157Standard magnesium anodesØ26×7001″W-E220.82 oraz W-E300.81
28158Standard magnesium anodesØ26×9001″W-E300.82
22614Chain anodes3/4″ Ø22 x 390¾”Zastępuje anody 3/4″ Fi21 x 165 oraz Fi21 x 280
22615Chain anodes3/4″ Ø22 x 560¾”Zastępuje anody 3/4″ Fi21 x 435 oraz Fi21 x 510
22616Chain anodes3/4″ Ø22 x 730¾”Zastępuje anodę 3/4″ Fi21 x 700
22617Chain anodes3/4″ Ø22 x 900¾”Zastępuje anodę 3/4″ Fi21 x 900
28159Chain anodes Ø26×10701″Zastępuję anodę 1″ Fi26x700 oraz Fi26x900
24670Isolated chain anodesØ26 x 4 cell1”        Chain anodes dedicated for tanks with isolated anodes. Find selection table in the TECHNICAL DATA tab
24671Isolated chain anodesØ26 x 7 cell1”
24672Isolated chain anodesØ26 x 8 cell1”
24666Isolated chain anodesØ33 x 3 cell1¼”
24667Isolated chain anodes
24668Isolated chain anodesØ33 x 7 cell1¼”
24669Isolated chain anodesØ33 x 8 cell1¼”
24866Titanium anodesTitanium anode set , 200 mm¾”  Find selection table of titanium anodes in the TECHNICAL DATA tab
18617Titanium anodesTitanium anode set, 400 mm¾”
24865Titanium anodesTitanium anode setTitanium anode set , 800 mm¾”

Technical data

Selection table of chain anodes

Isolated chain anodes
Anode type

Single cell length

~140 mm
Product code24666246672466824669246702467124672
Z-E 220.80+/80Nx
W-E 220.81+/81Nx
W-E 220.82+/82Nx
Z-E 300.80+/80Nx
W-E 300.81+/81Nx
W-E 300.82+/82Nx
Z-E 400.80+/80Nx
W-E 400.81+/81Nx
W-E 400.82+/82Nx
Z-E 500.80+/80Nx
W-E 500.81+/81Nx
W-E 500.82+/82Nx
Z-E 750.80+/80Nx
W-E 750.81+/81Nx
W-E 750.82+/82Nx
Z-E 1000.80+/80Nx
W-E 1000.81+/81Nx
W-E 1000.82+/82Nx
BUZ 150* .90/91x
BUZ 200* .90/91x
BUZ 300* .90/91x


Titanium anodes

  1. Connecting cable, length approx. 2 m
  2. Potentiostat
  3. Installation and operating instructions (multilingual)
  4. Titanium anode, G 3/4“

Selection table of titanium anodes


titanium anode L=400 MM

titanium anode L=800 MM

titanium anode L=200

Product code




Storage tanks without coil Z-E xx.80+/80N220X
Storage tanks with one W-E coil xx.81/81+/80N100X
Storage tanks with two WExx coils. 82/82+/82N220X
BUZ 150* .90/91X
BUZ 200* .90/91X
BUZ 300* .90/91X 


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